Mobile Fleet Hawaii | Sponsors
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Specializing in Commercial Fleet Repairs

Become A Sponsors

MFI will use sponsor’s product(s) exclusively for all in shop and mobile repairs.
Sponsor to receive an Official Product Sponsor MFI Logo (This Logo may be used for 12 months on any/all promotional ads, packaging, websites, pr, e.p.k. & etc).
Sponsor’s logo will be display on MFI Sponsor Wall in the MFI shop.
Sponsor’s information and product photo to be included in MFI e.p.k. (electronic press kit).
Sponsor’s logo will be printed on all MFI promotional products such as t-shirts, flyers, banners, mailers and posters.
Sponsor’s logo will be display on the Official MFI website and MySpace page with a Banner Ad, Hyperlink, and logo on sponsor page.
Sponsor’s product and Literature to be displayed in the MFI display casing.
Sponsor to receive a digital photo or graphic merge of MFI for sponsor usage of any promotional needs for 12 months.
Sponsor to receive a special hosted 2 hour tour or MFI repairing process and followed with lunch, beverages and reception provided.
Sponsor’s logo will be placed on all MFI vehicles such as mobile repair box trucks, mobile fleet vans and promo bus.
For futher information please call 808.833.3093 or email: